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Heaven Can Wait Editions De Parfums

Heaven Can Wait Editions De Parfums

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Clove, Carrot seed, Vetiver, Vanilla, Musk Top notes: clove, ambrette, carrot seed Middle notes: iris, vetiver Base notes: vanilla, peach, musk

Embark on Jean-Claude Ellena's sensuous odyssey through warm spices. Clove, pimento, ambrette, and carrot seed converge with the refined allure of iris. Vetiver provides structure and vitality, while nuances of peach and prune contribute a sense of roundness.

Inspired by the intimacy of private realms, this composition represents a contemporary interpretation of a Parisian classic—unassuming, discreet, and noble. It embodies an everlasting allure, simultaneously exotic and comforting, subtly captivating and extending an invitation to embrace.

The outcome is something we now cherish more than ever: a personal haven.

Hailing from a lineage of perfumers in Grasse, Jean-Claude Ellena delved into the art of fragrance creation as a teenager. A self-taught artist, he characterizes his creations as a "poetry of memory." Everyday scents—waxed floors, fresh linens, skin, an aged sweater—serve as profound inspirations. His signature style is marked by simplicity, minimalism, and modernity.

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