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Lavender Extrême Eau de Parfum

Lavender Extrême Eau de Parfum

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Excessively luxe, LAVENDER EXTRÊME perfume merges lavender from Provence’s Hautes-Alpes region with amber-like lavender from the valley. Daucus carota counters earthiness, while a third lavender propels the scent to unexpected heights, basking in warm tonka bean.
Key BenefitsAn element pushed to the extreme, two distinct lavenders merge from the start. Lavender from the Hautes-Alpes region of Provence grows in the high mountains and pulses with adrenaline-pumping freshness. Lavender in the valley dries for three days, allowing the lavender oil to develop its unique character with amber-like facets. Vibrant Italian Bergamot drenches the herbaceous open with citrus.

At the heart, daucus carota transformed through an exclusive enzyme process eradicates earthiness and amplifies the fresher expression and orris qualities. A third pure lavender propels Lavender Extrême beyond all expectations. Lavender Absolute France punches up a balsamic core with green undertones.

The oriental dimension at the finish builds on the warm glow of wild-grown Tonka Bean. Sourced in Laos, the creamy wood effect of Benzoin hooks with a final dose of Extrême’s charismatic audacity- potent and excessively luxurious.

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