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Mon Paris Lumière Eau de Toilette

Mon Paris Lumière Eau de Toilette

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Mon Paris Eau de Toilette Lumière is an alluring and captivating fragrance that blends intoxicating floral notes with fruity top notes to create a sparkling and feminine scent. Here's a breakdown of the key fragrance notes and the inspiration behind the bottle design:

Fragrance Notes:

  1. Datura Flower: Known for its intoxicating and hypnotic aroma, the datura flower adds a seductive and mysterious quality to the fragrance.
  2. White Lotus: White lotus is often associated with purity and enlightenment. Its inclusion in the scent adds a sense of elegance and tranquility.
  3. Rose Absolute: Rose is a classic floral note known for its romantic and timeless appeal. Rose absolute adds a touch of sophistication to the fragrance.
  4. Pear: The fruity top notes of pear provide a fresh and juicy opening to the scent.
  5. Lemon: Lemon contributes a zesty and citrusy brightness to the fragrance.
  6. Black Currant: Black currant adds a sweet and slightly tart element to the top notes.
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