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Perfect Shower Gel

Perfect Shower Gel

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MARC JACOBS Perfect for Her is a playful and unexpected fragrance that celebrates optimism, self-acceptance, and originality. This comforting floral scent is inspired by Marc Jacobs' personal mantra: "I am perfect as I am," symbolized by a tattoo of the word "perfect" on his wrist. The Perfect fragrance embodies the idea of embracing and expressing one's true self, just as Marc Jacobs does.

Modern, bright, and distinctly feminine, Perfect is an unconventional yet harmonious fusion of fresh floral and soothing, smooth notes. The fragrance begins with juicy notes of rhubarb and bright daffodil, which lead to a comforting heart of almond milk. Finally, it settles into a soft and gentle dry down of cedarwood and cashmeran.

Perfect by MARC JACOBS is a fragrance that defies expectations and embraces individuality. It encourages you to be yourself and celebrates the beauty of self-acceptance. It's a reminder that we are all perfect just as we are, and it invites you to express your true self with confidence.

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