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Rouge Chaotique Extrait De Parfum

Rouge Chaotique Extrait De Parfum

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As the inaugural oud gourmand fragrance within our Night Veils collection, Rouge Chaotique is personally inspired by Ben Gorham's conviction that embracing the inherent chaos in any creative process can lead to unique forms of expression.

The fragrance begins with a saffron prelude that subtly contrasts the fresh succulence of blackcurrant and bergamot, taking an unexpected turn towards spiced leather. The heart unveils velvety gourmand notes, where the syrupy essence of plum and the toasted sweetness of praline converge into an irresistible indulgence. Culminating in a spectacular finale, the animalic sensuality of oud, sourced from one of the world's most opulent raw materials, is harmoniously blended with patchouli and counterbalanced by the crisp tension of papyrus.

In its pure essence, a small application of Rouge Chaotique intimately intertwines with the skin, radiating through the body's warmth and lingering for many hours.

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